Master certificate

in data science


The Data Science at the University of Perugia

Today the practitioners world is changing, strongly influenced by new cognitive and strategic business needs. The missing information of the last one, give the input to create new professional positions.

The Data Scientist, with its ability to analyze and to interpret data, to date, is one of the longer required experts in the industrial world. All analysts agree: one of the problems of the coming decades will be the gap between the low supply and abundant demand of Data Scientist.

The master, organized by the Department of Engineering, University of Perugia, aims to train Data Scientist, the new data professional. This practitioner, as a data expert, must be able to create new business strategies in statistic, computer science, economic and management fields; today, the purchase of such multidisciplinary competences are, those mainly request for the corporate data developmentand enhancement.

This kind of training path is part of the European Research and Innovation Framework, Horizon 2020, and specifically is sponsored by the European EDISON project. This project aims to create and certify a recognized training growth to become Data Scientist.

The peculiarity of the Master is to offer its attendees highly qualified teaching staff, with both Italian and foreign lecturers to ensure an updated and comprehensive training. The courses will be delivered through lectures and educational seminars. Do not miss the opportunity to have direct contact with the labor market through traineeship with dedicated project work development.